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Water Based Flat Paint for Squash Court Walls With Superior Resistance to Ball and Wall Marking

Duralex SQUASH COURT PAINT is a professional quality water-based paint which dries to a flat finish on properly prepared interior and exterior surfaces. Independent field testing, where squash balls were fired at test panels of various manufacturers' paints, found that Duralex SQUASH COURT PAINT was noticeably superior.

We also stock the Red Line Marking Tape.
Dimensions: 33metres by 48mm wide.

USES (Interior & Exterior)

Especially formulated for playing area walls where high levels of adhesion and scuff/wear balance is important so that minimal marking of wall and ball occurs.


Available in White only.

For more detailed instructions ask for a product information sheet.

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Sizes 20 Litre only.
Coverage Coverage up to 16m² per Litre. Approximately 20 Litres per court, 2 coats.
Ventilation Allow adequate ventilation when painting indoors during and after use to dissipate water vapour.
Clean Up Wash all equipment with clean water; dried material may be removed with methylated spirits.
IMPORTANT Keep out of reach of children. To avoid spoilage of paint, keep container sealed when not in use.
Environment Low odour. Low V.O.C. Environmentally friendly.