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A water and weather resistant exterior/interior PVA adhesive for both timber and paper projects

Duralex dura-FIX® dries clear, is able to be painted and its low pH means no discolouration on tannin rich timbers. No mixing is required to achieve excellent performance properties for repairs or building projects. Able to be sanded without clogging the sand paper.

USES (Interior & Exterior)

Duralex dura-FIX® is suitable for exterior and interior use in nonstructural applications. Resistant to 110 degrees celsius, it will not weaken on exposure to direct summer sun. Ideal for many timber projects around the home and in the workshop, it is not suitable for joints below a water line or continuous submersion applications.


White adhesive will dry to clear.

For more detailed instructions ask for a product information sheet.

Sizes 250mL, 500mL and 1 Litre.
Coverage Duralex dura-FIX will fill 1:1 with the size of the container purchased.
Clean Up Clean equipment and hands with warm soapy water. Should spills occur, wash up with warm soapy water.
IMPORTANT Keep out of reach of children. To avoid spoilage of adhesive keep container sealed when not in use. Poison Information Centre (13 11 26).
Environment Low odour. Low V.O.C. Environmentally friendly.